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Required Windows 10 November Update

Developed by: Apps4.Store

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Editor for Excel Files - reliable application that keeps all advantages of Excel creation, formatting, opening! The application looks and works along with an intuitive design, the variety of handle XLS, XLSX editing tools even if you have no installed Office program or internet on the device. You can type in data, count with formulas, copy or paste cells, work with spreadsheets, sort content in cells and that's not all. Unlock the full Excel experience with Editor for Excel Files! Install the app now!


  • Convenient work with XLS, XLSX formats: creating, editing, viewing
  • Smart Excel formulas: min, max, average, sum, count numbers
  • Formatting cells: changing style, color, size, rotating contents, templates, backgrounds, borders, etc.
  • Editing Excel spreadsheets: copying/ pasting columns and cells
  • Choosing different colors for cells
  • Creating borders for cells
  • Moving rows of Excel spreadsheets
  • Joining cells together
  • Removing content of your cells, rows, columns
  • Sorting content in cells: ascending/ descending orders
  • Text alignment: horizontal/ vertical
  • Taking screenshots of created sheets. Share option
  • Sharing your spreadsheets with others
  • Removing all spreadsheets at once

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 November Update
  • Approximate size: 22.4 MB

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